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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

40th Reunion - Cruise 5

August 23, 2008

1. Luke Stemmer;
Paul Titcomb;
Peter Gordienko


2. Bonnie McCannel;
Tim Hawthorne


3. Lucia Harmon;
Dusty Macgregor;
Tim Garbett


4: Mike Colson

Some people like to be photographed more than others.  No one escaped with
only one photo! 

40th Reunion

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for large view

Note: Main people in foreground are listed; photos are edited for posting size.  Original Images available by request

Photos from Debbie Abelson

5. Jim Wicklatz

6.  Mr. & Mrs.
Jake Cadwallader

7: Dayton Berg;
Paul Titcomb

8. Linda Gorman;
Bobbi Godward

9. Sue Wells & Friend

10. Bruce Wagner


11. Larry Carlston;
Don Anderson


12. Janice Kellar

Franco Capriotti;
Dale Swanson


13. Jerry Jubert;
Sue Tobler


14. Judy Gerold;
Mary Finazzo


15. Jeff Walton;
Randy Lofgren,
Debbie Abelson

16. Luke Stemmer and a host of others


17. Tom Newell;
Gary Midge;
Dan Goodmundson


18. Steve Betker


19. The Garbetts

20. Bill Scheller


21. Mr. & Mrs.
Steve Frick


22. Dusty Macgregor;
Sue Hursh


23. Liz Wyatt;
Vicki Linden


24. Kathy Nelson;
Julie Laven


25. Chris Utz and others enjoy dinner


26. Doug Vogel finds a Gedney pickle


27. Linda Gorman


28. Jeff Walton;
Randy Lofgren

29. Wendy Raun


30. Franco Capriotti


31. Dan Goodmundson;
Steve Zank

32. Dale Swanson


33. Franco Capriotti shows Wendy Raun a new dance step


34. Jerry Jubert among the massive dinner party


35. Chris Utz



36. Vicki Linden
on the deck of the Titanic


37. Randy Lofgren
gives a computer lesson


38. Mark Allen


39.Peter Gordienko



40. Sue Hursh
Sue Wells


41.Tim Hawthorne;
Jeff Lambert;
Bill Scheller


42. The Vogels



43. Pat Bauer tells a spell-binding story
to Sue Hursh


44. Bobbi Godward;
Linda Gorman


45. Debbie Abelson;
Gigi Haglund


46. Sue Wells;
Sue Hursh


47. The Betkers


48. The Cadwalladers



49. Chris Utz



50. Bobbie Godward;
Randy Lofgren;
Linda Gorman; Tom Newell



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